Aggravation of Preexisting Injuries

Can I sue if an Accident Aggravates a Preexisting Injury?

Yes. Our personal injury lawyers hear this question all the time because people believe that insurance companies will deny claims for aggravated preexisting injuries. The truth is this: insurance companies will try to avoid paying on many legitimate claims including this type. But our lawyers know how to counter their tactics and call on the right medical experts to help us make your case. You may have had one of your injuries before a car accident, slip-and-fall, or construction-site accident but this recent incident may have made it worse. 

While these cases are more complex than typical serious injury cases, our attorneys have the experience to handle them successfully. We have the ability to advocate for your interests so that insurance companies do not use pre-existing conditions as an excuse to deny you fair compensation. We also know how to maximize the compensation that you deserve. Before you accept a low-ball settlement or accept a claim denial, reach out to us. 

Yes, You Have a Personal Injury Case

Just because you have a preexisting injury or medical condition doesn't mean you have any fewer rights in a personal injury case. If that condition has been made worse by an act of negligence, you can pursue compensation.

  • "If I have a bad back or bad neck from a previous accident, and a new accident has caused it to get worse, can you help?" Yes.
  • "If I have a knee or hip replacement and a fall caused by an act of negligence caused the injury to worsen, can you help?" Yes. 
  • "I have shoulder problems from a work injury and a new accident has caused the problem to flare up. Do I have a case?" Yes.
  • "I have diabetes and a recent minor injury has become major as a result. Can I seek additional compensation?" You can. 

When you contact us for a free consultation, we will be absolutely straightforward in the analysis of your situation. If your case has merit, we will be relentless in our pursuit of maximum compensation for you. Despite insurance company protestations, we know how to get results and if we do not win your case, we collect nothing. 

S & S Legal Group Handles all Types of Accidents

You may think that you don't have a case because of a preexisting injury. You may be wrong.

Our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience handling injury cases. Some of the cases we handle involve catastrophic injuries while other cases involve less serious consequences. But no matter how severe your injuries, your case will have our total commitment.  No matter how challenging your case is, we will be your allies. 

We want you to talk to us about your case. Even if you've been turned down by another law firm, talk to us.

Our experience means that we have handled a wide range of cases and we know how to find opportunities where others may not think they exist. We know how to find opportunities to use aggressive representation to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

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