Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Claims

Maximum Compensation for Pedestrians Hit by Cars

Right now in Los Angeles there are people in grave danger of being hit by cars in the city streets. If you have been struck by a car while you were walking, jogging, or waiting to cross a street, you are not alone. You are not the first to be struck, nor, unfortunately, will you be the last. Los Angeles is an extremely dangerous city for walkers. There are many reasons why LA is so unsafe but our lawyers know how to hold responsible parties accountable for your injuries. We are your legal allies. We have represented countless people throughout LA who have been struck by cars. You need maximum compensation if you have suffered a pedestrian accident and we know how to get it for you. 

Our catastrophic injury lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience. We use that experience to provide aggressive representation to clients injured in pedestrian accidents and other serious injury cases. Because we will pursue maximum compensation, we will study each detail of your case to determine who contributed to the conditions that lead to your injuries. If multiple parties had a hand in your injury, we will hold them all responsible. 

Not only are we aggressive litigators who will fight for the right settlement or judgment for you, but we also prioritize personal attention to our clients: we return phone calls and listen to your concerns. Your injuries create enough challenges for you. The attention you receive from your lawyers should not contribute to your struggles. Contact us to see how we will prioritize your needs.  

Honest Assessments of Pedestrian Accident Cases

Are you worried that you don't have a case because you were partially at fault or because you were crossing outside of the crosswalk? Do you think that your injuries aren't severe enough to take action? Have you been turned down by other law firms?

Contact us. As a law firm focused on handling serious accident cases, we know how to find opportunities in even the most challenging situations. You have the right to an honest assessment. We will provide one.

When you call us for a free consultation, you will see that we are compassionate but practical. Our experience allows us to efficiently analyze the details of your case and let you know its merits. If we do represent you, you will have committed attorneys with the skill to help you get maximum compensation. 

In these types of accidents, the medical costs and need for lifelong care can be devastating. Insurance companies may offer lowball settlements and not take into consideration all of the life care costs that may be necessary. Some of your costs may include

  • The need for extensive surgery 
  • Treatment for traumatic brain injury
  • Reconstructive surgery for disfigurement
  • Skin grafts
  • Physical and occupational therapy to accomplish daily tasks
  • Home redesign and car adaptations to accommodate medical equipment
  • Around the clock medical care

There are many other possible costs that an insurance company may not cover. We will pursue maximum compensation for you so that any life changes will be accomplished with the highest standards possible. You deserve more than a lowball settlement

Aggressive Representation in Serious Injury Accidents

You can turn to our attorneys for assistance in all types of pedestrian accident cases. While the most common cases involve cars hitting pedestrians in crosswalks, we can handle all other cases as well.

We provide aggressive representation in cases involving people hit while walking out of grocery stores and going through parking lots as well as cases in which pedestrians are hurt while on a sidewalk or even crossing outside of a crosswalk.

When we say aggressive representation, we mean we have the ability to take your case into the courtroom when we need to. We do not back down.

CASE RESULT: S&S Legal Group recovered $4.25 Million for a client who was struck by a car resulting in head injuries.

We Accept Cases on Contingency

Our attorneys' fees are contingent on whether or not we win your case. There are no costs or fees that you pay. We handle your case on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we recover compensation for you. If there is no recovery, you owe us nothing! Because we have so much experience and such a long history of success, we know how to win in even some of the most difficult circumstances. No matter your challenges, reach out to us. 

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