Los Angeles Train and Bus Accident Claims

Representing People Injured in Train and Bus Crashes

Our lawyers have been representing people injured in train and bus crashes for over 30 years. Bus accident claims and train crash litigation may be some of the most complex lawsuits. These are exactly the types of cases for which we are most prepared. 

Bus and train accidents often have particular intricacies and involve some of the strongest opponents: government entities that operate trains and buses. From Amtrack, MTA, Metro, and Metrolink, as well as other transit authorities, the integration of government into mass transit means that these cases have additional layers of bureaucracy. Our attorneys have the experience for such complexities. Furthermore, even if a private company operates the bus or train, they are often massive corporations that have a vested interest in denying any wrongdoing even if they are responsible for injuries and deaths.  

By choosing us to handle your claim, you are choosing a law firm that believes in the importance of personal attention. We strive to meet your unique needs as we guide you through the legal process. You may be suffering from serious injuries after a bus accident. Trying to get your insurance claim settled after an accident may only add to your anxiety. We can offer peace of mind. By communicating clearly with you and handling all the details of your case, you can concentrate on your physical recovery. We will pursue financial recovery on your behalf. 

Passengers, Drivers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists Injured by Trains or Buses

Bus drivers have the same obligations as other drivers. They must follow the rules of the road and keep other drivers safe. When they fail to do so, the bus company can be held responsible. They may have failed to maintain their vehicle effectively or they may have pushed the driver to work past a safe limit. They may not have trained or vetted the driver effectively. We will gather the relevant evidence and documents to find the truth.  

Train operators share a similar duty. They must remain diligent to prevent collisions. Those who maintain rail tracks and train equipment must also adhere to the highest standards of safety. If they do not, they must be held accountable. 

Our attorneys stand up for the rights of passengers, drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists injured by trains or buses. We hold public transportation organizations, as well as private bus companies, accountable when acts of negligence lead to accidents.

No Recovery, No Fees in Bus Accident and Mass Transit Litigation

We handle your case on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid if we recover compensation for you. When you contact us for a free consultation, you will be under no obligation. We will listen to the facts of your case and determine the strength of your legal position. We will then advise you on the best course of action. If you choose to let us represent you, our lawyers will relentlessly pursue your best interests. 

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