Elder Abuse and Neglect

Los Angeles Lawyers Fighting Elder Abuse and Neglect

We are Los Angeles lawyers fighting elder abuse and neglect. We have the skills necessary to handle elder abuse and neglect cases and we know how to get justice for victims and their families. Elder abuse lawsuits require a very particular set of skills and access to specialized resources. We have the necessary skills and resources to litigate these cases. 

At the S & S Legal Group, we focus exclusively on obtaining the maximum compensation for our clients. Because we have a reputation for success, we receive referrals from throughout California for cases that have the highest stakes and the deepest complexity.  Many of these cases involve abuse that occurs in retirement homes. These cases may also involve elder abuse in a private residence as well. We know how to pursue justice and compensation for you in all such cases.

Very often these types of lawsuits involve massive healthcare providers and insurance companies. They will typically deny liability. But when we engage in an independent investigation and analysis of the evidence, we will aggressively seek the truth and demand justice for you and your family. No matter how formidable the opponent, we know how to stand up for your best interests.

No matter the situation you and your family are facing, call us for a free consultation with attorneys who are outspoken advocates for the protection of seniors: 800-957-9898.

Elder Abuse by Caregivers, In-home Nurses and Assisted Living Staff Members

If you have concerns about nursing home abuse or abuse that may be occurring in your home or the home of a loved one, reach out to us. These cases often involve the irresponsible behavior of a single person but may also involve several individuals and reflect a failure at the administrative level. Healthcare providers are obligated to hire employees who adhere to the highest standards. When retirement home administrators put profit ahead of safety, injuries and even wrongful death may occur. Nurses and staff must be effectively vetted and monitored. There must also be an appropriate number of staff for each patient. Protocols must be in place if an emergency occurs. There are many ways that caregivers can fail in their responsibilities. They must be held accountable.  

Evidence in elder abuse cases may stretch back several months or even years. Gathering and analyzing the evidence may require considerable resources and negotiating acumen. Furthermore, large corporations that operate nursing homes, long-term care facilities and other such residences are committed to denying liability and protecting their bottom line. We know how to pursue maximum compensation and pressure them to do what is right.   

While abuse can be perpetrated by a variety of people, many times the abuser is a trusted caregiver or nurse. While bruises, scratches, lacerations and broken bones may be quite easy to detect, there are many other forms of abuse that an elderly victim may suffer that may be less obvious:

  • Psychological abuse resulting from verbal threats
  • Condescending and cruel treatment from caregivers
  • Negligence that may result in dehydration, malnutrition and bedsores
  • Withholding of vital medicine or medical treatment
  • Abuse involving theft, fraud, and manipulation of finances
  • Failure to create a safe living space which may result in slip and falls
  • Failure to keep violent or aggressive residents away from others

You may suspect abuse but be unable to prove it. We may be able to offer suggestions that will help you protect your loved ones. We may also be able to identify vital evidence. You may be deeply troubled if you suspect that your parent, grandparent, or other senior member of your family is being abused or neglected by a trusted nurse.  We understand your struggles and we have helped countless families through such challenging circumstances. 

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