Abuse and Neglect by In-Home Nurses and Healthcare Aides

Los Angeles Elder Abuse Lawyers Protecting Victims of In-Home Abuse

If an elderly person that you love has been mistreated, abused or neglected in Los Angeles by a home healthcare aide or nurse, you need elder abuse lawyers on your side. At the S & S Legal Group in Los Angeles, we are extremely experienced personal injury lawyers with a particular focus on nursing home abuse and in-home healthcare abuse.

While many people opt to live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, you or your loved one may have decided to live at home and have a healthcare provider assist you at home. Thousands of people throughout California have chosen this option. While in most instances, the healthcare provided is safe and professional, abuse does occur. If you suspect abuse or neglect has occurred, the elder abuse lawyers at the S & S Legal Group will pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

Contact us for a free consultation. We will listen to your concerns and your goals and we will offer practical legal advice for the challenges you are facing. If we represent you, we will collect no attorneys' fees unless we win your case.

Elder Abuse Lawyers in Los Angeles to Hold Home Health Aides Accountable

The healthcare provided in your home should be of the highest quality. But, unfortunately, a company that provides home healthcare may not monitor or train their employees effectively. Some may not perform a thorough investigation into their employees' backgrounds. A not-for-profit organization or a public entity that provides in-home care may also fail to prioritize safety. Neglect, physical abuse, financial abuse, intimidation, psychological torture, and sexual assault may all occur because an organization failed to prioritize the safety and dignity of their in-home patients.

The S & S Legal Group has elder abuse lawyers in Los Angeles who will hold home health aides accountable. Not only will we pursue maximum compensation from the individual responsible for the abuse, but we will hold their employer accountable as well. This may encourage them to improve their professional practices so that no one else suffers because of their negligence.

If a trusted aide has engaged in abuse or neglect, they cannot simply be fired; they must be held accountable. We have the legal experience and the investigative resources to collect the appropriate evidence and fight for your rights to justice and compensation.

There is no excuse for abuse. Call our Los Angeles elder abuse law firm if you have questions about in-home healthcare abuse. We have answers at 800-957-9898.

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