Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents and injuries are a frequent occurrence in California. Many times, these accidents are caused by the negligence of the parking lot owner. If you have been injured in parking lot accident you may be recover your damages under California premises liability law. At S & S Legal Group, our experienced personal injury attorneys will protect your legal rights and will help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Who Is Responsible For Parking Lot Injuries?

Under California law, the owner(s) of the parking lot have a legal responsibility to properly maintain all areas of their parking lot in a safe condition, including sidewalks, stairwells, elevators, and surrounding grounds. If the properly owner fails to adequately maintain the parking lot in a safe condition and an injury results, the owner may be liable in a premises liability lawsuit. This area of law deals exclusively with personal injury that occurs on someone else's property. In determining the responsible party in a premises liability lawsuit, the important factors are ownership, possession and control of the premises in question. The party that owns, possesses, or controls the property can be held liable for injuries that occur from any unsafe condition on the property. Other parties may also be held accountable for injuries in some circumstances, such as management companies, cleaning services, outsourced security or maintenance companies, and other corporate entities.

Negligent Security

The parking lot owner(s) may also be liable to an injured party under a legal theory called "negligent security," if someone is injured by the act of a third person while on the parking lot premises. The owner has a legal duty to make the properly reasonably safe for all users. If there is inadequate lighting, broken security cameras, or a general lack of security under the circumstances and someone is injured by a third person in an intentional act (i.e. an assault, robbery, rape, or other crime), the parking lot owner may be liable for associated injuries.

Common Causes Of Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents may happen under many different circumstances. Some of the most common causes of parking lot accidents can include any of the following:

  • accidents involving motor vehicles (between two or more vehicles or a vehicle and a pedestrian)
  • poor architectural design of a parking lot structure
  • slippery surfaces that cause slip and falls
  • uneven surfaces, pot holes, cracks or other objects that cause trips
  • inadequate lighting
  • poor maintenance (inadequate removal of snow, ice or other substances)
  • misplaced or damaged concrete wheel stops
  • sight obstructions (i.e. due to landscaping, improperly placed signs, or poor design)
  • inadequate security 
  • failure to safely maintain handrails, stairways, elevators, sidewalks, grounds, and other commonly used areas

California Parking Lot Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a parking lot accident, you may be able to sue the parking lot owner if they have failed to keep the properly reasonably safe. At S & S Legal Group, our seasoned personal injury attorneys can help you recover for such damages as current and future medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other possible damages. Call S & S Legal Group today for a free initial consultation.

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