Distracted Driving Auto Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Auto Crashes Caused by Texting and other Distractions: An Epidemic in California

Yes California has laws that prohibit distracted driving. Cell phones are supposed to only be used with hands-free devices. LA Drivers are required to focus all of their attention on the road. But every driver knows the truth: too many people are not completely focused on driving their cars. 

If you have been injured in a California distracted driver accident, you deserve maximum compensation for your injuries. If the other driver was breaking the law by texting, talking on their phone without a hands-free device or was otherwise not complying with the law, we may be able to pursue punitive damages against them in addition to payment for your medical bills and property damage.

We will perform a thorough independent investigation of the accident scene and available evidence. We can subpoena phone records, identify laws that may have been broken and seek compensation from all responsible parties who may have contributed to your pain.

In recent months, drivers have been given more leeway in their choice to be distracted while they drive. Operating car stereos, looking at GPS devices, putting on DVDs for passengers...all of these can lead to car accidents. But now drivers over 18 have also gotten the OK to voice-text and respond to emails as long as they do so without using their hands.

Several studies have shown that when a driver talks on their phone, even on bluetooth or other similar technology, they are distracted, their mind may wander and they may hesitate before taking action that would have avoided an accident. Since the law was recently changed to allow voice-texting, there is a high-likelihood that more distracted driving accidents will occur on Los Angeles roadways.

Our Lawyers Know how to Pursue Maximum Compensation for You  

Your accident may involve a distracted car driver, a commercial truck operator, or school bus driver. You may have been struck on your bicycle, while on a motorcycle or involved in a pedestrian accident caused by a distracted motorist. The injuries you sustained may be life-threatening and irrevocably change the course of your life: lost wages, missed career opportunities, overwhelming medical costs, the need for ongoing medical attention. 

If a distracted driver caused you and your family to suffer, call on our attorneys. We have the resources, the experience and the record of success you need on your side.

Driver distraction can occur for many reasons. Cases in which we are particularly skilled at pursuing maximum compensation involve the use of electronics, cell phones, game devices and other similar media. But we can also represent clients who have been injured because a driver was brushing their hair, turned around to address unruly children in the backseat, or drivers who were eating or drinking, changing clothes and even engaging in sexual activity on the road. There are countless ways someone can be distracted but the simple truth is this: there is no excuse for driver distraction.  

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