New iBook Aims to Raise Awareness about Motorcycle Safety

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has released a new iBook that is available for exclusively for the iPad. The iBook is titled Intersection: Sharing the Road and is meant to educate motorists about threats to motorcyclists, as the year's busiest motorcycling season kicks off.

The iBook has been designed in an interactive format, and contains illustrations, diagrams, images, photographs and videos that users can use to have a look at dangerous accident situations from a motorist’s perspective. The iBook has been designed through a motorist’s eyes, to educate drivers about the very specific threats that face motorcycles, and what motorists can do to reduce these risks.

Any Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer knows that most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence of motorists. In fact, most accidents are caused the failure of the motorist to yield to motorcycles, and failure to look out for motorcycles. Both of these factors account for a majority of the motorcycle accidents that occur in Los Angeles every year.

Apart from negligent motorists, motorcyclists also have to deal with the fact that motorcycles have a narrow frame, and can be very easily missed by motorists and truckers. Very often, motorcyclists fall in the blind spot of motorists with very dangerous consequences because a driver may not notice the motorcycle until it’s too late to avoid an accident.

However, there are no excuses for motorists to remain ignorant about the presence of motorcyclists on the road. Motorcycling as a recreational activity has increased in popularity over the past decade, and there are now more motorcycles on the road.

As a motorist, always look out for the presence of motorcycles, especially in your blind spots like right behind your vehicle. Always yield to a motorcyclist’s right-of-way.

California Bill Aimed at Keeping Pedestrians Safer

Saturday, April 06, 2013

A new bill that was recently introduced in the California legislature is aimed at improving roadway divider safety on California Streets by removing panhandlers who typically walk these areas, asking motorists for money.

The bill, SB 674 would make a change to the California Vehicle Code, and specifically affects panhandlers who work at several local intersections. These people walk these areas asking people for money. It's fairly common to find these people standing at these intersections with a handwritten sign, asking for money, and hoping to make a few dollars.

However, according to law enforcement officials, this is a dangerous practice because very often, these panhandlers cross the street illegally or when there is a stop light. Los Angeles car accident lawyers know that all of these are dangerous practices, and increase the risk of an accident for panhandlers.

According to the promoters of the bill, the point is not to remove panhandlers from the dividers, but to keep them safe. In many cases, these panhandlers try to attract motorists by doing tricks, and this distracts motorists and exposes both motorists as well as pedestrian panhandlers to the risk of accidents. A motorist, who is busy watching a panhandler do his stuff, is likely to miss an important accident cue, seriously risking injuries to himself as well as to other people on the road.

However, the bill is likely to see quite a bit of a fight from civil rights activists as well as homeless groups. The panhandlers insist that they are not distracting or delaying traffic. If the bill is approved, they would have to move their activities to the sidewalk. Panhandlers as a group are likely to strongly oppose the bill, because according to them, it is impossible to make any money on the sidewalk.

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