Children More Distracting Than Mobile Phones

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A new study conducted by Australian researchers has some very unsurprising findings for Los Angeles car accident lawyers. The study by researchers at Monash University Accident Research Center has found that children tend to be a much greater source of distraction for parents while driving, than cell phones.

The study was based on an analysis of the driving practices of 12 families, who took 92 trips in all. The researchers found that parents displayed distracted behaviors in 90 of those trips. The parents were driving with children between one and eight years of age. Some of the more severe distractions were turning around to check up on the children in the back seats, helping children with something, and talking with children. 

Parents have many demands on their attention when they're driving with children, and the number of distractions seems to increase with the number of children in the car. While having a conversation on a cell phone or texting while driving can take away attention from the task of driving, they do not seem to increase stress levels among parents, in the way that driving with children can. When there are multiple children in a car, there are likely to be arguments, scuffles, tantrums and all kinds of other distractions that parents have to deal with while operating the vehicle safely.

Before driving, make sure that you have some items that children may need during the journey like snacks, toys or puzzles, within reach, so that you do not have to frequently reach out for things. If the distractions get too much, pull over somewhere safe. It is also sometimes best to simply turn a deaf ear to all the chaos in the car, and firmly remind your children that you cannot be disturbed while you are driving.

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