Friends, Family Main Suppliers of Alcohol to Underage Drivers

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Alcohol-related car accidents continue to be a major risk for teenage drivers who are at a high risk for driving under the influence of alcohol. Even though, a driver below the age of 21 is not allowed to possess alcohol, the number of teenage accidents involving driving under the influence of alcohol every year, just confirms that those laws are very often violated. A new survey finds that very often, it is friends and family members, who actually supply in the underage driver with the alcohol.

The survey was conducted by the Centers for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. The survey focused on more than 9000 students, who were in grade 7 to 12. The researchers specifically focused on teenagers who drank alcohol or smokes.

Among the students who admitted to drinking alcohol, 39% admitted that they were given the alcohol by someone else. Approximately 28% confirmed that they gave money to someone to purchase the alcohol for them, while 6% got their alcohol from a liquor store. Obviously, teenagers who drink alcohol are finding many ways of getting around the system.

Among the students who lived in urban or suburban areas, approximately 40% reported that they were given the alcohol by someone else, while in rural areas, the rate was approximately 35%. In rural areas, approximately 33% of the students said that they gave someone else the money to buy the alcohol for them, but while in the urban areas, the rate was approximately 27%.

Not surprisingly, older teens were much more likely to admit that they gave someone the money to buy the alcohol. As many as 32% of older teens admitted doing so.

Other common sources of accessing alcohol for teenagers were grocery stores, gas stations and bars.

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