Study Finds High Rates of Binge Drinking among American Teens

Monday, September 23, 2013

As many as one in five American high school seniors binge drinks frequently, and some of them actually have more 15 alcohol beverages in a single session. A new study clearly indicates that binge drinking is widely prevalent in the teen population.

The study, which was published in the Journal of JAMA Pediatrics Journal, finds that approximately 20% of high school seniors reported binge drinking or drinking five or more alcohol beverages in a single session over the past two weeks. Approximately 10.5% admitted having 10 or more drinks during a session, while nearly 6% admitted to having 15 or more alcoholic beverages.

Males, not surprisingly, were much more likely than female teens to report binge drinking, and whites were also much more likely to binge drink compared to blacks. The researchers also found it interesting that students who have college-educated parents, were at a greater risk of drinking excessively. However, having parents with a college background seemed to reduce the risks of drinking extreme binge drinking, or drinking 15 or more alcoholic beverages in a single session.

The researchers analyzed data involving approximately 16,000 high school seniors, including a fairly 50/50 division of males and females. The researchers have concluded that binge drinking is widely prevalent among American teenagers, and that the current strategies that are in place to reduce the rates of excessive drinking among this segment of the population are simply not working enough.

They are calling for the development of more effective strategies to reduce the risk of excessive drinking among teenagers. Excessive drinking is linked to driving under the influence of alcohol and alcohol-related accidents among other consequences.

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