Swedish Researchers Develop Bodysuits to Encourage Mobility after Brain Injury

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A group of Swedish researchers has developed a bodysuit that can be worn by persons who suffer from brain injury and other neurological disorders. The specially- designed bodysuit is equipped with a number of electrodes that are sewn into the inner lining of the suit. The electrodes stimulate several of the body's muscles, while the person is wearing the suit.

This is a battery-powered suit, and can be activated via a battery that is placed in a small box at the waistband of the suit. At least 58 electrodes are sewn into the inside of the bodysuit, and when electric current passes through them, they stimulate the body muscles.

According to the researchers, initial tests have found that persons wearing the suits experienced significant improvement in their mobility, and also experienced a significant reduction in pain. It was not just persons who suffered from brain injury who showed significant improvements after wearing the suit. Even persons who had suffered a stroke and suffered from paralysis as a result, showed increase mobility in their spastic limbs. They also had better functioning of their arms and hands after wearing the suits for a few days. In fact, the researchers say that all the patients who wore the suits showed improvement a few weeks after the experience.

The suit is not meant to be worn all the time. Rather, it is meant to be worn for just a few hours three days a week. It is recommended that patients wear the suit just before they have to go out for maximum effectiveness.

It will be a while before the suit is commercially available in the market, because it has not yet been subjected to independent clinical tests.

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