Creative New Bicycle Helmet Design Could Increase Usage Rates

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Increasing bicycle helmet usage rates could simply be a matter of making helmets more stylish, less intrusive, lighter and more comfortable.

Two Swedish designers have come up with an innovative new bicycle helmet design that could be the next big thing in bicycle safety. The engineers have come up with any invisible bicycle helmet that basically consists of an inflatable neck piece worn around your neck. The neck piece inflates in a fraction of a second when there is potential for impact, ballooning instantly into a huge helmet that gives more protection than an ordinary bicycle helmet ever could.

The high-tech helmet is much tougher than it looks, and is believed to withstand impact with concrete. It also inflates in.1 seconds, making it very effective.

The 2 designers were concerned at the low rates of bicycle helmet usage in Sweden, especially among female bicyclists. They conducted a survey of bicyclists, and found that most bicyclists who did not wear helmets failed to do so, because they did not like the look of these helmets, because they're uncomfortable to wear, and because people cannot wear hats when they're wearing a helmet. Moreover, bicycle helmets were seen as being unstylish, a major deterrent for any fashion-conscious European.

The helmet has already been launched in the European market, and has proved to be a smashing success. The “airbag helmet,” as it is being referred to by the media, only recently became a talking point among Americans after promotional videos went viral on social media. Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers have taken note that demand in this country has already begun, but the designers say they're not sure when they will be able to introduce the product in the American market.

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