Advances in Microsurgery Help Heal Lower Extremity Injuries May

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Some of the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer when they are involved in an accident are lower extremity injuries, or leg and foot injuries. These injuries often occur when the motorcyclist is dragged several yards on the ground upon impact, resulting in severe injuries to the legs. In some cases, these injuries can be so severe, that they require the limb to be amputated.

However, over the past few years, there have been a number of advancements in microsurgery that help surgeons repair the badly damaged muscle and tissue of the legs and feet, without necessarily amputating the limb. That has meant a remarkably improved prognosis and better quality of life for an injured motorcyclist, who would otherwise face the prospect of an amputated limb.

You don't even have to be involved in a very serious motorcycle accident to suffer such injuries. Even a moderately severe motorcycle accident can result in such lower extremity injuries that can have a devastating impact. In many cases of lower extremity injuries that Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers come across, there's severe damage to the muscle, tendons and tissues of the legs. Earlier, a leg with this kind of damage would be considered too injured to save.

However, surgeons are now using complex micro-surgical procedures that can help save the leg. Muscle, fat and skin from other healthier parts of the body can be transplanted to the injured leg in order to save the limb. The success rate from such micro surgeries is very high.

However, it is best to reduce the risk of lower extremity injuries in a motorcycle accident, by wearing full length pants and boots while riding.

New iBook Aims to Raise Awareness about Motorcycle Safety

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has released a new iBook that is available for exclusively for the iPad. The iBook is titled Intersection: Sharing the Road and is meant to educate motorists about threats to motorcyclists, as the year's busiest motorcycling season kicks off.

The iBook has been designed in an interactive format, and contains illustrations, diagrams, images, photographs and videos that users can use to have a look at dangerous accident situations from a motorist’s perspective. The iBook has been designed through a motorist’s eyes, to educate drivers about the very specific threats that face motorcycles, and what motorists can do to reduce these risks.

Any Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer knows that most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence of motorists. In fact, most accidents are caused the failure of the motorist to yield to motorcycles, and failure to look out for motorcycles. Both of these factors account for a majority of the motorcycle accidents that occur in Los Angeles every year.

Apart from negligent motorists, motorcyclists also have to deal with the fact that motorcycles have a narrow frame, and can be very easily missed by motorists and truckers. Very often, motorcyclists fall in the blind spot of motorists with very dangerous consequences because a driver may not notice the motorcycle until it’s too late to avoid an accident.

However, there are no excuses for motorists to remain ignorant about the presence of motorcyclists on the road. Motorcycling as a recreational activity has increased in popularity over the past decade, and there are now more motorcycles on the road.

As a motorist, always look out for the presence of motorcycles, especially in your blind spots like right behind your vehicle. Always yield to a motorcyclist’s right-of-way.

Revolutionary New Motorcycle Helmet Design to Prevent Brain Injury in Low-Speed Crashes

Friday, January 11, 2013

The conventional motorcycle helmet that is being used currently is designed to absorb impact in major, high-speed accidents. However, when a motorcyclist is involved in a low-velocity accident, the helmet may not do much to help prevent a concussion or any other mild brain injury. Scientists at a California-based company have developed an intriguing helmet design that Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers believe can prevent injuries in these low-speed accidents.

The company, 6D Helmet has created a design that distributes impact much more evenly across the helmet. According to the company, the goal was to design a helmet that performed much better than traditional helmets at protecting the head. The design is based on creative engineering concepts, and the result is a motorcycle helmet that the company claims can significantly reduce the amount of energy that is transferred to the head during impact. This in turn reduces the risk of a brain injury or concussion, giving a motorcyclist wearing this helmet much greater protection than one wearing a traditional helmet.

The helmet also integrates several other safety features that are designed to reduce the risk of other types of injuries. For instance, it has additional padding in the chin area to reduce the risk of injury to the sternum, as well as safety features that allow the sides of the helmet to collapse, preventing collarbone fractures.

The design looks very promising, and could create a buzz in the market, although the final pricing has not been set yet.

Statistics by the National Traffic Safety Administration show that wearing helmets significantly reduces a motorcyclist’s risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Wearing a helmet not only increases your chance of surviving an accident, but can also reduce your medical expenses as well as hospitalization costs.

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