Red Light Violation Blamed for Fatal Metro Bus-Truck Accident

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A speeding truck driver, who also ran a red light, is being blamed for a fatal Metro accident recently. According to reports, the Metropolitan Transition Authority employee was driving a bus in the early hours of the morning, when it was hit by a tow truck. The tow truck was allegedly being operated at excessive speeds, and ran a red light just before the accident.

Police reports say that the impact of the accident was tremendous, and both of the vehicles were completely destroyed. Both of the drivers had to be extricated from their vehicles using life-saving equipment. The deceased driver is a 37-year-old woman. Even the tow truck driver sustained serious injuries, and was taken to the hospital in a serious condition.

This has been one of the more horrific accidents involving Metro buses recently, and understandably, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has been devastated by the death of its employee.

The accident is likely to once again focus on the accidents risks involving red light violations in the state of California. It's also likely to trigger a debate on red light camera systems and their effectiveness in helping reduce the number of red light violations that contribute to accidents.

There has been plenty of opposition in California to red light camera systems, and critics have charged that the systems are installed not to help reduce accident risks, but to fatten state coffers. This is in spite of the fact that there is plenty of research indicating that red light camera systems are quite effective in helping reduce the number of these potentially deadly violations. Another analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently also made similar conclusions.

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