Teacher Sex Abuse in Los Angeles

At Miramonte or at Another School: Our Attorneys will Pursue Justice

Child abuse and child molestation can lead to the need for lifelong counseling and may lead to permanent psychological pain. Far too often, teachers, coaches, classroom aides and other Los Angeles school representatives are responsible for reprehensible behavior. If your child has been harmed as the result of molestation or other abuse while at school or in the care of trusted adults, contact the S & S Legal Group for a confidential consultation that is free of charge and implies no obligation on your part. We will offer a compassionate and candid assessment of your case and help you determine how best to get justice against those who are responsible for your family's suffering.
Of course individual teachers and other suspects must be held accountable in both criminal and civil courts. For instance, Mark H. Berndt taught third-grade at Miramonte Elementary School.  He is charged with performing lewd acts on the students in his class. This sexual abuse could have long lasting effects on the students that he was in contact with. He must be held accountable. For more information, read the Full Story

Anyone who abuses children should be held accountable but those who hire such predators may also be liable. The administration of a school, a daycare, after-school program, summer camp or any other service that caters to children must be held responsible if they did not make child safety a top priority.   

Seek Punitive Damages in a Child Molestation Case Immediately

Victims of Mr. Berndt's actions in the Miramonte case should seek counseling and legal representation immediately in order to start the process of healing after this incident. A professional therapist will be able to address the trauma that these students went through and a sex abuse lawyer can help to hold the negligent parties responsible. 

When school districts, municipalities, county and state governments or private institutions that cater to children are involved, they may be extremely reticent to admit wrongdoing. They often have teams of lawyers trying avoid the appearance of guilt or liability. They may also offer a low-ball settlement with the hopes that the allegations will simply go away. We know how to counter their strategies and demand that they offer fair recompense for the actions of their employees or the unsafe environment at their institution.

But don't wait. You should seek punitive damages in a child molestation case immediately. Though we can still fight for you months or even years after abuse occurred, gathering evidence, conducting interviews and investigating all facets of the case can be much more fruitful if it is done as soon as possible. Contact our attorneys for the guidance and support you need as we work to obtain a settlement or verdict that you deserve.   

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